Episode Six: Get Off Our EdTech Lawn!

In this episode, old school edublogger Dean Shareski and I talk about some of our early explorations in online media spaces, then pivot into some of Dean’s recent writing and reflection on his concerns about how we can use social media for exploring opinions and changing minds. Or not. Mostly not, says Dean.

Along the way, we get into how we handle our mistakes in civic discourse, and some suggestions for helping others to explore the way their words in social media might impact others.1

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  1. PS – There are a couple Tab Cola effects in this episode. I’m sorry, and I do not blame my friend Melissa Lim, who shared the greatest browser extension ever with me several months back. I blame myself, as it’s one that I forget to disable sometimes when I’m podcasting. My bad. []

Episode Five: Citizen Science?

In this episode, Antero and I are joined by Joe Polman, a colleague of ours on the Compose Our World project. Joe’s done lots of work around citizen science and journalism. We talk with him about what it means to do that sort of work and why “citizen science” is a complicated term. But first, we explore why everyone’s apologizing for the Internet. We promise it’s related. And relevant.

Also related: Antero only subscribes to cat videos. Which is problematic. For me, at least.

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