Episode Four: The Electric Grandmother

The Electric Grandmother

Join us for the exploration of machines and care as commodity. Stick around for the coffee puns.

In this episode, we unpack what the 1982 Project Peacock film The Electric Grandmother has to say about the relationship between computers and care, and how machines may or may not be manipulating us into pretend moments of love. (Then again, sometimes people manipulate us through pretend or unkind emotion, too.)

Are machines that care about you alive? Suppose you believe them to be? Does that matter? What does it mean to be civil to an electric grandmother?

We also start to talk about Starbucks’ day of racial bias training, but put that off for our next episode. Have a peek at their Third Place curriculum and join us for our next episode.

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Episode Three: Let’s Be Nice to Robots

In this week’s episode, Antero and I return to talking about media literacy, though first we side trip through a couple different wolves, get a little distracted by Google’s Duplex, and argue about whether or not we should be kind to robots.

What say you, dear listener?  Should you/could you/shouldn’t you have empathy for the computers that you interact with?  Can you get on board with being kind to robots?

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Episode Two: Antero & the Trolls

In this episode, Antero and I return to the conversation we tried to start a while back around civil discourse on the Internet. We intended to talk about Antero’s recent experiences with an angry Internet community of Dungeons and Dragons fans, and we do, but we took a long detour to discuss Habitat and what it means to play a game of work. And the new Avengers movie.1

We also talk a teeny bit about what it means to take a critical lens to something we love. I hope we’ll talk about that more.

Then we argue about whether or not we can save the Internet’s current spaces or if we have to head off and find new ones. Stay tuned, true believers. There’s ground to cover.

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photo by: Benimoto
  1. Which Antero declares he’s viewed only for “research” purposes. Well played, professor. []